Voting is up!

[Owner] Pigeoncraft a posted Jan 30, 16


Voting is now up! You can vote on either Planet Minecraft or Minecraft Servers. You can vote on both every 24 hours. The more you vote the more it helps the server get more players on! Starting this weekend voting will give you 500 coins and something spetial on RvsG based on what site you vote for.

[Member] Mattkx4 Not getting those 500 coins... Not sure if it's broken or hasn't been implemented yet, but I've voted 3 t...


As you all may know survival is comming. We still dont have a definant date on when it will be released but we feel like we should give you some info on what we know will and may be comming. So here it is in a simple Q&A format.

Q: Will the survival world be resetting?
A: Sorta. We might have both the new world and the old one in for a month for you to migrate the stuff you want to keep.

Q: Will you be still using Towny?
A: Yes. We may also use a seperate personal way to protect your blocks without the need to create a town.

Q: Will there be PVP?
A: Yes and No. We will probably have designated areas for PVP. You will not be able to go out and loot someones area/town or kill someone if they are not in a PVP zone.

Let us know in the comments what you will like to see in survival. Also let us know if you have any more questions and we will answer them or add them to the list above if its asked more often then not.

We hope to see you all when we do get it open.

As always. Have fun!

[Member] 12Balance5ia I think would should be able to everywheer unless it is pvp guarded
[Member] RyDaGuy5 Will we be able to sell things?

New Website!

[Owner] Pigeoncraft a posted Jan 12, 16

New Website!

As you all can now see we FINALLY got our new website up. It will slowly be finalized over the next few weeks as more and more people join. This page will mainly be used for giving you the latest news on the server as well as easy access to our store/forum/rules/etc. If you have any suggestions dont be afraid to tell us on the forum. We hope you like it as much as us! Have Fun!