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Created by The LHMC Owners on Mon, 30 Mar 2015 at 6:55 pm

Before we lay out the unfortunate events that are about to take place, I and everyone else in the LHMC Administration would like to thank everyone of the amazing players that we are fortunate enough to have as part of our community. Without your support we would never have been able to experience the amazing two and a quarter years that we all enjoyed immensely. It is because of you guys that we didn't have to pay a penny for the LHMC servers in over two years, and even still it is hard to fathom that we were able to endure this long without extreme out-of-pocket expenses. It is for this that we are all extremely grateful and proud of the small community we started so long ago.

Unfortunately, those times are on their way out of our reach. The past two months have been very hard financially speaking. The server has never made enough money to do anything else besides pay for itself, so for the most part, the server barely makes enough each month. In fact, we have been riding the line for quite some time now. Nevertheless, not one of us owners, staff and even you guys want to see the server fall so quickly. So we are trying to do everything possible to stay online. In order for us to do this, some changes have to and will be put into place. If we are able to get the money for this next month of rent, major changes will definately be taking place.

As you all have probably seem, LHMC never even comes close to filling up. Even though the server is perfectly capable of holding 400+ players… those numbers are very far out of our reach. So in turn, quite a substantial downsize will have to occur. We will be doing our best to keep all the current servers online, but all of them will have reduced amount of slots available; which for a server of this size shouldn't be a great deal. Also, in order to attract new players to keep the server running, ALL SERVERS will be taken into a massive overhaul (save factions, due to its being pretty much new). Some of these things include the fabled Survival update that has been spoken of for about half a year, major RvsG updates, and a creative update that you all will be bouncing in your chairs over. We are very excited about these updates but if we aren't able to make this month's rent, we aren't exactly sure how well things will go for the server. We absolutely do not want to shut down, but if nothing changes then that is the way things are headed.

Survival is about a week from the new release, gearing more towards player interactions, building empires, and crafting items instead of buying them. A trade system to trade between players, no PvP as the rest of LHMC has that available, and a more extensive grief prevention system. RvsG has been completely redone to add more goals, a coin system, a class ranking system, classes one can eventually purchase using coins earned and more. RvsG is also about two days away from public beta. Creative is being redone to add private chat channels, a VIP system, easier participation in server wide contests, a ranking up system, and more. The lobby has plans for multiple jumping puzzles with a scoreboard and checkpoints, mini games, as well as a friend system. The fun part is that most of these updates are a week or two away, unfortunately the rent isn't though. We've had an amazing two years with you guys and the last thing we want to do is give up on this great community! Please help us out on this special occasion to keep LHMC alive so that we can release these exciting updates! We know we can always count on our amazing community. We ask that you spread the word, purchase classes or VIP if you can, and get as many people involved as possible. Make sure to check the forum posting in the news section if you have any questions or concerns, we will be answering questions there.

In the meantime, 11rex11 will be working in the background as always, preparing the server for downsizing, jmpgofigure will be helping set up the new permissions and plugins for the revamped servers, and Pigeoncraft will be coding away on the new RvsG and other plugins. We ask that you bear with us as there will be some down time as we move things around.

We all look forward to (hopefully) many more years of time together,

The LHMC Owners and Administration.

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