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The Next Update

Created by Piper185 on Mon, 10 Feb 2014 at 11:33 pm

Recently, in LHMC survival, Jmpgofigure, 11rex11, and 64Mike fixed many problems with towny such as residents being able to promote themselves to town assistant and residents being able to steal money from the town bank. After many tests and possible solutions both were resolved. As of now only mayors can promote and demote people in a town. Mayors are also the only people who can withdraw money from a town bank although anyone can deposit money still. Mayors are also the only people who can promote other residents up to assistants or VIPs in the town. That should keep towns a lot more secure and hopefully inspire even more towns to sprout up around the world.

New Staff:
As you may have seen, there have been a few new moderators running around on the server. Please welcome mickyp123, Sir_Revilo_ and Cj5jeep1 to staff! As always please treat them with as much respect as you treat the owners. Remember we are always accepting applications for staff but we only reply if you got the job.

To read about the upcoming plugin update choose the previous article, it's got a lot of information about the changes coming soon!

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