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Hello everyone! Just wanted to give you guys a progress update on the 1.9 update. Its coming along very nicely and is almost ready for release. We estimate it should be less then a week before its all up and running. Please refer to the Q&A below for common questions.

Q: Will 1.8 clients still be able to join after the update?

A: While this is possible it can lead to confusion and unfair advantages when it comes to pvp.

Q: Can RvsG stay at 1.8?

A: While I know everyone doesn't like the new combat update it may make things more even in the long run and help us make new classes and make the current ones even better.

Q: Is Survival going to reset?

A: No. Although the end may reset due to the massive changes that the end brings now. If you have a town there I would suggest moving it out of there ASAP as we will not be saving any data from that world.

1.9 Minecraft

Minecraft is planning to update to the next major version (1.9) on Monday 29th of February 2016 - You can see the most notible changes here.

However, there is a lengthy process before we can update the server as our plugins will need to update too - this could take a while.  

This means that after 1.9 is released, you will be unable to join LetsHangMC unless you revert to the previous version (1.8-1.8.9).

If you are unable to join LetsHangMC following the release of 1.9 on the 29th of February, please do the following:

1 Launch Minecraft, and click the "Edit Profile" option at the bottom left.

2 Click the box next to "Use version" and select "release 1.8.9". Unless you are using optifine in which case you would select 1.8 optifine.

3 Click "Save profile" and press "Play".  You should now be able to join the server as usual, using the play.LetsHangMc.com IP address!

[Member] assassinsrule01 it still does... but usually as you'd have a profile set up locked into that anyway.. you shouldn't have to do...
[Member] TheDarkBluez This doesnt apply if you have optifine.

Voting is up!

[Owner] Pigeoncraft a posted Jan 30, 16


Voting is now up! You can vote on either Planet Minecraft or Minecraft Servers. You can vote on both every 24 hours. The more you vote the more it helps the server get more players on! Starting this weekend voting will give you 500 coins and something special on RvsG based on what site you vote for.

[Member] Halberdier Why is my name and skin messed up?!
[Member] Mattkx4 Not getting those 500 coins... Not sure if it's broken or hasn't been implemented yet, but I've voted 3 t...